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You Want A Second Opinion With An Orthodontist

Favorite Orthodontist For Braces & Invisalign In Champaign & Mahomet, IL

3D Rendering of Row of yellow empty chairs aligned against a greYou’ve probably already seen an orthodontist in either Champaign or Mahomet, IL and aren’t quite secure in their recommendation for braces and orthodontic treatment. If you are not getting the orthodontic treatment you want, Dr. Shafer is delighted to review your case and recommend the most effective treatment plan for your smile. The best part is that your initial Shafer Smile Assessment is free for a limited time. The assessment is usually $250.

For a limited time, you will be able to instantly download your $250 Shafer Smile Assessment Certificate which guarantees your initial visit is 100% FREE. Your Shafer Smile Assessment includes a complete exam, digital x-rays, comprehensive consultations & more!  Dr. Shafer will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns during your initial visit, click here to schedule your first appointment or call 217.356.9595 to speak with a friendly team member.