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Your Favorite Mahomet, IL Orthodontist Shares What Foods To Watch Out For This Summer

Your Favorite Mahomet I L Orthodontist Shares What Foods To Watch Out For This Summer Summer is a fantastic time to enjoy delicious food. From state fairs to family barbecues, there are many culinary treats that are best enjoyed in the summer months. For those with braces, however, it is important to steer clear of certain foods. Consider this your summer food guide from your friendly Mahomet orthodontics office for healthy dental hygiene and orthodontic health.

Foods to Avoid this Summer

Most orthodontic appliances have certain restrictions regarding the foods that you can eat. Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces, with a nearly invisible look that will allow you to show off your gorgeous smile all summer. However, people with Invisalign must avoid eating or drinking while their aligners are in. Take that into account when attending a barbecue or event where you know there will be delicious food. For those with traditional braces, the following are foods to avoid:

Corn on the cob

Nothing says summer like corn on the cob with a bit of butter and salt. However, biting into corn on the cob could damage your braces and will almost certainly leave you with corn kernels stuck between your teeth. You can still enjoy corn on the cob without harming your orthodontic appliance. Simply remove the corn from the cob, and dig in!


Salt water taffy is a beach favorite, but it is too sticky for people with braces. Find an alternative sweet treat for your boardwalk strolls. Dr. Shafer, the leading orthodontist in Mahomet, IL, recommends gummy bears, chocolates, M&Ms, or peanut butter cups when your sweet tooth hits.


An ice cold beverage can be the perfect antidote to a hot summer day. If you’re in the habit of crunching your ice cubes, stop! This can slow the progress of your orthodontic treatment. Instead, add crushed ice to your beverage or stick a frosty mug into the freezer before serving.


Like corn on the cob, popcorn kernels can be tough on teeth. If you’re hankering for a snack, soft fruit, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or pita bread with hummus are good alternatives.

If You Do Indulge

Everyone needs to indulge a little bit at some time or another. Of course, you should always abide by the hard and fast guidelines your Mahomet orthodontist sets (e.g., never chew on ice cubes or crunch on hard candies, which can damage your braces). If you do enjoy a sugary or slightly sticky snack, make sure you carefully care for your teeth afterward. Brush and floss your teeth, using a floss threader to get between your brackets to remove any debris. Swishing with mouthwash is another good way to kill germs that may linger in hard-to-reach places.

If you are unsure about the foods that you can eat this summer, ask your Mahomet, IL orthodontist. Our orthodontic office in Mahomet, IL is committed to helping patients find their best, healthiest smiles.

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